Business Solutions

Hardware & Software Quotes

Computer Quest offers a full line of computer systems & software for your business. Looking for a new laptop within a certain budget, considering adding an addition server to your data center, need to upgrade your computer systems to a new version of Microsoft Office? Let Computer Quest provide you with a custom quote to meet your exact needs, also being a partner with most large suppliers we can provide your business a much better price than many other IT companies out there.

Not only can we provide you with Dell, HP, Acer, etc. hardware we also offer a full line of custom built workstations and servers that can be designed to meet your needs. No longer will you have bloat-ware on your system that came from a local big box retailer. We also offer a full line of licenses for operating systems, office products, anti-virus and most software packages. Computer Quest can also help in maintaining your licenses so you are always within compliance and have a valid support contract.

LAN, WAN, & Wireless Solutions

From Cisco to Unify we offer a large number of network interface devices to make sure your business is fully connected. Not only can help secure your infrastructure with industry leading firewalls we can provide your entire facility with secure wireless devices for any budget. No matter if you are just starting or need to upscale/upgrade your current network we have a full line of products to meet your business needs.

Website Design & Maintenance

Let one of our web development engineers help you building the best website for your business. We can help you get a small site with just some basic information about your company all the way up to a full animated site that includes secure eCommerce for selling your goods to clients all over the world. Computer Quest also offers options for updating your current website or maintaining content.

Internet Filtering

Many businesses are not aware of how much lost productivity they have by letting users have wide open internet, including the number of viruses & malware that come in. Do you have a problem with employees browsing FaceBook or eBay all day long? Let Computer Quest setup & maintain a filtering solution that will keep your staff productive while reducing infections on your network. Our solutions not only keep website you block from being accessed but can also alert you when staff is trying to access them or allow your staff to use certain websites only during specific time frames.

Here at Computer Quest, we will perform routine maintenance, health checks, backup status reports along with keeping a close eye on your systems for problems before they arise.

How we work


Don't worry, Computer Quest won't disturb you while you're working. With our remote services, you won't even know we're there!

Good Quality Service


While the other guys are out there fixing what's broken, we're here to keep your systems healthy so you don't have outages or failures.

Our Advantage


Don't pay the inflated hourly rates the other guys are charging to come out and fix issues in the evening or perform upgrades/maintenance on the weekend.

Happy working with us


Using some of the most advanced tools in the industry, you will receive the maintenance/health checks that some of the top Fortune 500 companies use without paying the cost of a full time IT staff.