Here at Computer Quest, we will perform routine maintenance, health checks, backup status reports along with keeping a close eye on your systems for problems before they arise.

Servers – We offer custom built servers to fit any budget along with brands such as Dell, HP, Lenovo and more. We also offer a number of off-lease servers that can save your business thousands of dollars.

Desktops – Let our team custom build your next desktop so it fits your needs and budget. All of our custom built computers come with no bloatware loaded, so you can rest assured that the computer is performing the best right out of the box. We also offer Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo and more brands with Pro Support warranties that give you piece of mind.

Laptops & Tablets – Our sales team can find you find any mobile computer device to fit your needs & price.

Networking Equipment – From switches to firewalls we can help you architect the best network infrastructure for your company. Offering some of the leading brands such as Cisco, Sonicwall, CheckPoint, Unifi and more we can make sure your network is running as well as your business.

Storage Solutions – Are you running out of space? Do you have enough storage for your backups? Whether it is large scale SAN solutions or just a simple USB device our team of engineers can help you keep all of your data safe & secure.

Network Security – Today more then ever cyber threats are costing businesses millions of dollars. Let us help secure your network with Barracuda’s web filtering systems or a SPAM firewall. We also offer a wide range of IDS/IPS (Intrusion Detection System / Intrusion Protection System) systems to help monitor your network for the latest digital threats.

VoIP Services – Computer Quest offers a wide range of on-site and cloud hosted Voice Over IP solutions. We are also a 3CX partner which is our recommended VoIP solution for most businesses. Contact us today to discuss telephony solutions or use the following LINK to sign up for 3CX Services. 


Enterprise Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware – Our custom protection package will help keep your computers & servers safe from day to day threats. Working with leading vendors such as Symantec, Malwarebytes, Intel and others we can work to make sure your businesses data is as safe as possible.

Corporate E-Mail– Are you still using an or e-mail address for your company? Get the professional look and features of a secure e-mail system. Not only can we brand your e-mail with your companies name but we can integrate services such as shared calendars & tasks lists for your staff, company address book and mobile e-mail access across all your devices.

SPAM Solutions – Do you get a ton of spam each day? We offer a number of software and hardware solutions to block out junk mail from coming into your organizations e-mail.

Backup Protection – Both file & bare metal backup solutions are offered. We can protect your desktop or entire server farm with a number of automated backup solutions, not only will this protect your crucial data but we can also make sure your computers OS & Applications are protected in the event of a failure. Ask about our fully managed CQBackup software, this cloud based backup software will ensure your data is offsite & protected while our team monitors everything 24/7 to ensure nothing is lost.

Custom Software – Do you need an app developed for your business, maybe you are looking for a custom solution to help automate a business process you have to do each day. Our team of engineers can help develop the best solution for your problem.


CQC – Our custom cloud file hosting system allows you and your staff to safely share your company files along with accessing them from anywhere in the world. Computer Quest Cloud uses industry leading security & protection measures that you wont find with DropBox or other “cloud hosting” services.

Off-Site Backup Solutions – We offer a fully managed cloud backup solution that backs up your data 24/7, our monitoring team will make sure all of your files & folders are being backed up from your computers without any issue. In the event of a problem we will reach out to you immediately and correct the problems.

On-Site / Remote Assistance – No matter where you are in the world we are there to help you. Computer Quest will help you over the phone, e-mail, text or on-site to make sure all of your issues are taken care of. Everything from printer repair to servers being down, we will make sure you are working with the best technician for your needs so that no time is wasted and your business is back up and running quickly.

Disaster Recover Planning – Working on a DR plan can be very stressful especially when you are not as familiar with every possible failure you may encounter. Computer Quest can assist you in coming up with an entire plan to protect your business, additionally we can implement solutions to increase your up-time & stream line your business process.

Penetration Testing & Security Audits – Don’t fall victim to a data breach! We offer a wide range of network security services including pen. tests to make sure your entire environment or website is safe. Our security engineers can help you locate and close any possible security holes that your systems may have.

Maintenance / Management – Here at Computer Quest we want to remove the stress of IT from your day to day operation. Some companies cannot afford an IT department or maybe have one but they are limited on their knowledge and/or experience. We offer managing your entire IT or just filling in those gaps that your current staff cannot. Working together to make sure your business is as smooth & successful as possible is our number one goal.

No matter what your need or goal, Computer Quest is here to help you succeed. Contact us today to get a free quote on our services or just to have us give you a second opinion.

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